Traditional Lisbon Food Tasting Experience

In this private 3 to 4 hour Lisbon food tour, experience the best traditional Portuguese dishes, learn it´s history, also why they became icons of our gastronomy. You will understand how this simple traditional Mediterranean cuisine was influenced, and influenced cultures all over the world.


  • Explore one of the lesser-known neighbourhoods of Lisbon;
  • Taste traditional Portuguese dishes, from entrees, to main dishes and ending in deserts;
  • Learn the curious flavours, traditions and history of each dish;
  • Discover a fully restored market place, that set a the trend for the “new markets era” of Lisbon;
  • It´s not a sightseeing walking tour, it´s a savouring and eating tour;
  • Get suggestions and secrets, for the rest of your stay in Lisbon.


85€ per person (minimum 2)
Free tour for children up to 3 years old;
50% off for children between 4 and 12 years old.

Tour Duration

3 to 4 hours

One of the most distinctive feature of Portuguese cuisine comes from the ocean. While you enjoy a simple grilled fish, or the seafood that abounds along our coast, you can be sure that you are in Portugal!

Also for meat dishes, we have excellent DOP (Protected Denomination of Origin) meats. From north to south, whether it’s beef, pork or lamb. Finally, even vegetables and fruit preserve the taste of the old times. Hence some also having the DOP label, being many produced organically.

The tour will be in one of the “more recent” traditional neighbourhoods of Lisbon, Campo de Ourique. Therefore, you will spend here your time with your guide, away from the usual mass tourism. Also, this tour is intended to be a foodie tour, for you to taste typical Portuguese cuisine. Above all, your guide will link the Portuguese culture and history with its cuisine. Explaining the origin of these simple, but traditional dishes.

Over the course of 3 to 4 hours, you will sample typical dishes of Portuguese cuisine. You will start to tantalize your taste buds with the most typical entrees in different locations of this neighbourhood. Come and find out which they are.

For this, you will go to the local, completely refurbished market place. Here you will have your more “refined” experiences. Among them you will taste the typical Porco Preto (Iberian Black Pork), the Bife de Atum (grilled Tuna Steak) and others.

After that, and to wrap things up, you will have the Best Chocolate Cake of the World. It actually won an international contest! In addition, we cannot forget the Pastel de Nata. This will be in a bakery that was elected for several years as being the best of Portugal. Subsequently you will taste a variety of very unique freshly traditionally roasted almonds. Furthermore, to help your digestion, you cannot go without a Ginjinha (cherry liqueur). This particular one won the international 2016 “Great Taste” Award, as the best cherry liqueur of that year.

Please Note:
Don´t expect a “sightseeing” tour in Lisbon. This is a tour designed for foodies, to learn and taste a small part of the traditional Portuguese gastronomy. Your guide will be able to give you all the information you need for your stay in Lisbon, places to go, to visit and to eat.
It´s a good idea to make this one of your first tour for your stay in Lisbon.

  • 3 to 4 hour guided food tour in a calm Lisbon neighbourhood;
  • A local guide that has a passion for food, history and culture;
  • Tasting of traditional Portuguese dishes and deserts;
  • 4 tasting stops;
  • 10 tastings samples in total (entrees, main dishes, deserts).
  • Transportation & Pick-up;
  • Drinks (alcoholic or none alcoholic);
  • Any other items not mentioned in the description.
  • If you have any dietary restriction (Kosher, Halal, Vegetarian, etc.), most dishes you will not be able to taste.
  • Please advise if you have any type of allergies! This is very important so we can know what you will be able to taste or not.

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